Outer Space Solution

Outer space provides two solutions:

  1. Risky experiments can be performed in laboratories outside our biosphere, by law or regulations

  2. Human colonies in space, if self-sufficient, can survive anything which happens in Earth's biosphere

The second solution is the better one, because surely there will be commercial and military entities who will take secret and cheap risks within our biosphere. Only human colonies in space can assure our survival.

It's possible that some kinds of laboratory experiments in space could leak a lethal product which could survive transit thru space to Earth and down into the biosphere. In these cases, the laboratory should be equipped with a self destructive mechanism based on extreme temperature, whether it be a chemical heater, solar heater, or small nuclear device.

Human colonization is covered on www.SpaceSettlement.com via "PERMANENT" which is an acronym for Projects to Employ Resources of the Moon and Asteroids Near Earth in the Near Term.

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